Eva Lumarczak is living the American dream as the owner of a successful salon. Her clients swear she has the magic touch—and they’re right. By a legacy passed down through her immigrant mother, Eva can envision her clients’ deepest desires and her makeovers gain them unexpected results. Enter Eva’s newest client, Kelly Reardon, a hottie in Clark Kent glasses. He claims to be an accountant, but all Eva can see are lies and a spark of attraction.

Reardon, an undercover US Treasury Agent is hot on the trail of a slippery Ponzi scheme conman and the trail leads straight to the temptingly mystical Eva. Agent Reardon needs her help to set a trap, but is she willing to use her gift for revenge? No woman has ever been able dig beneath Kelly’s secrets, until Eva. The result is a steamy chemistry where his logic clashes with her magic. They must rely on each other’s unique gifts to catch a conman and discover that love can work magic.